Old Ways Traditions Mission Statement

Old Ways is about helping to satisfy people’s need to do for themselves and each other.

These Days less and less of what we do directly connects us with others in our community and gives us the physical satisfaction of making and doing.
Many of us garden and buy local food.  But a significant amount of what we use in our daily lives we can make ourselves with local materials and traditional skills, which often are not more difficult than modern mechanized methods.  And the satisfaction of doing and making and using your own product or that of immediate community members is actually a basic human need.  Old Ways exists to help us fill this need.

We have found that most people can master old tools and methods and that children pick them up at once.  We work to further this goal through Tools for Kids (and adults) and with our Old Ways Days event.

More about Old Ways Traditions

Old Ways Traditions grew from Shaker Pine, a traditional woodworking business, which burned in 2001.  The events and activities at Old Ways evolved from the events, teaching and demonstrating Dave did at Shaker Village until 2007.

The amazing outpouring of community and organizational support we received when rebuilding from the fire inspired us to create our own community oriented activities at Old Ways.  Dave couldn’t live without the joy and satisfaction he’s gotten from sharing skills and knowledge with all ages at Shaker Village, so with the help of Anne and others we’ve continued at Old Ways. 

Old Ways Days, always the third weekend in October,  started 7 years ago as a skill sharing event. We now share a variety of skills besides woodworking – spoon sculpting, blacksmithing, etc. as well as music and food. 

Tools for Kids is a big part of both our events, and other events we attend.  Tools for Kids can sometimes be scheduled for home schoolers or other groups.

Come share!

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